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SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit

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About the SKE Crystal Plus

SKE Crystal Plus is a sleekly versatile caping device that has been carefully designed to be compact, portable and easy to use. SKE Crystal Plus features an ingeniously simple refillable system which allows you to use the e-liquid you prefer – whether you like freebase nicotine or nicotine salts the advanced mesh coil technology in the SKE Crystal Plus will deliver a smoother, more flavourful vaping experience that does not need to end when the device is empty.

Benefits of the SKE Crystal Plus Vape

The SKE Crystal Plus Vape offers several benefits. The fact that this is a refillable, rechargeable, reusable device means that it can lower both the cost and environmental impact of your vaping. Throwing away less means spending less as well as creating less waste.  But saving both money and the Earth is only the start…

The mouth to lung vaping experience provided by the SKE Crystal Plus Vape mimics the experience you have enjoyed with disposable vapes, but the mesh coil technology means that the e-liquid encounters a much larger heating surface, which in turn delivers a much smoother feeling vapour and a much cleaner flavour experience. All of this in a completely hassle free device that is as easy to refill as a fountain pen.

How to Use the SKE Crystal Plus

Using the SKE Crystal Plus vape is incredibly easy. Simply remove one of your SKE Crystal Plus Pods loaded with the e-liquid of your choice from its packaging and insert it into your SKE Crystal Plus Vape. That’s it. That’s all you need to do. From there just inhale through the mouthpiece to activate the pod and generate vapour. No priming. No switches. No buttons. It’s as easy as breathing.

The built in 400 mAh rechargeable battery is good for around 400 puffs before you may need to recharge it. When that time comes simply plug it in via the integrated USB-C charging port and be fully charged and ready to go in just thirty minutes!

Choosing Your Favourite Flavours: A Guide to the Prefilled Pods

There are fifteen fabulous pre-filled flavours available for the SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit. From the cool subtleness of Watermelon Ice to the vibrant fizz of Blue Razz Lemonade, from the gentle cloud like sweetness of Cotton Candy Bubblegum to the wonderfully wince inducing sharpness of Blueberry Sour Raspberry. The SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit can deliver all of those and more so whatever you mood, whatever your preferences, there is a convenient, easy to use pre-filled SKE Crystal Pod that is perfect for you!

Why Choose SKE Crystal Plus for Your Vaping Needs?

We have a slightly different question. Why would you not choose an SKE Crystal Plus Vape? Easy to use, rechargeable, and reusable so that it is kind to both your wallet and the planet. It looks good, it feels good in your hand and it offers an incredible range of amazing flavours. The Crystal Plus offers everything you loved about your favourite disposable, but you never have to throw it away! What could be better?

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The built in 400 mAh rechargeable battery that powers your SKE Crystal Plus is good for around 400 puffs before you will need to recharge it. This will provide an average user with around two days of satisfying vaping before you will need to recharge your device using the integrated USB-C charging port which allows rapid charging – from flat to full in around thirty minutes.

To charge your SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit simply connect your device to a power supply using the built in USB-C charging port. The rapid charging that is enabled by the USB-C format means that your device will be fully charged in around half an hour.

The SKE Crystal Plus kit is not a disposable product. The pod system has been created to make refilling the device simple and mess free, while the device’s 400 mAh rechargeable battery can be recharged using the integrated USB-C charging port. You will never have to throw away a vaping device ever again.

Prefilled SKE Crystal Plus Pods are not refillable and function in much the same way as an ink cartridge in a fountain pen. When a pre-filled pod has been exhausted you simply remove it from the device and discard it, slotting a new pre-filled pod into place so that you can carry on vaping.

Unlike some more traditional rechargeable vaping devices the SKE Crystal Plus Kit is charged via a USB-C charging port. This more advanced USB technology enables the rapid charging of the device’s 400 mAh battery allowing you to power up your device from 0% to 100% in around thirty minutes, which is good because you will not want to wait any longer for your SKE Crystal Vape to be ready!