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Double Drip Disposable Vape

Double Drip Disposable Vape invites you to redefine your vaping experience with features that set a new standard. Outlasting 20 cigarettes with 600 puffs, powered by a robust 350mAh battery, and inhale-activated for seamless enjoyment, this compact wonder delivers a smooth 20mg Nic Salt hit in each flavorful puff. With 2ml of expertly crafted E-liquid by the renowned Double Drip, every inhale is a journey into flavor paradise. Choose convenience, longevity, and sensational flavour—choose Double Drip Disposable Vape. 

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Double Drip Disposable Vape Features

🚀 600 Puffs - Outlasts 20 Cigarettes: Indulge in a flavor-packed journey that goes the distance. With an impressive 600 puffs per device, Double Drip Disposable Vape outlasts 20 cigarettes, ensuring extended satisfaction in every flavorful puff.

🔋 350mAh Built-In Battery: Powered by a reliable 350mAh built-in battery, Double Drip Disposable Vape is designed for endurance. Unleash the full potential of your vaping pleasure without worrying about battery life, ensuring you're ready for any flavor adventure.

🌬️ Inhale Activated: Seamless and effortless, Double Drip Disposable Vape is inhale-activated. No buttons, no fuss—just take a puff, and let the flavor journey begin. Experience the simplicity of vaping at its finest, delivering convenience with every inhale.

💨 20mg Nic Salt: Immerse yourself in the smoothness of Nicotine Salt E-liquid with 20mg strength. Double Drip Disposable Vape ensures a satisfying and smooth throat hit, delivering the perfect balance of nicotine satisfaction without compromise.

🌈 2ml E-Liquid: Each Double Drip Disposable Vape comes pre-filled with 2ml of flavorful E-liquid. Explore a variety of enticing flavors, carefully crafted by the renowned e-liquid manufacturer, Double Drip. Elevate your vaping experience with every puff.