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The Elux vape range has risen rapidly to become one of the fastest growing brands within the vaping industry. Elux is a passionate brand. Their goal is to provide the most luxurious vaping experience possible. They strive to achieve this 100% of the time.

The Elux Bar is designed specifically to deliver high quality and fantastic flavour at a truly affordable price point. Every new Elux vape product is greeted with great excitement and enthusiasm as the vaping community looks to see what the latest Elux Bar will bring.

There was a time when “disposable” and “poor quality” were synonymous. “Disposable” products were thought of as cheaply made, badly performing things that offered a low quality experience. Not any more - the Elux Bar has changed that view forever. Elux Vapes are disposable vaping devices that never compromise on quality – our mission is to work continuously to improve the vaping experience by driving innovation and developing new devices with more advanced features, greater lifespans and ever improving value for money and the best possible customer service.

So why not take some time to explore the amazing Elux Vape range and learn for yourself why these high quality, easy to use devices have become so firmly associated with quality, luxury and flavour and why they have so completely entranced the UK vaping community.

At Elux “luxury” is in our name, and delivering luxury is our mission.

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Can you refill an Elux bar?

The Elux Bar is a disposable vaping product designed to be used and disposed off responsibly once the e-liquid that the device is pre-loaded with has been exhausted. Elux disposable vapes are not intended to be refilled. An Elux disposable vape is also supplied with a fully charged battery with the right amount of charge to power every puff of vapour the pre-loaded e-liquid can produce, so you will not need to recharge the device either.

Where to buy Elux disposable bars in the UK?

The Elux disposable vape range features some of the best disposable vaping devices on the market – each model offers fantastic flavours, cool colours and powerful long lasting batteries that let your Elux stay the course.

The extensive range of E Lux disposable vapes includes the Elux Legend which has a mind blowing 3500 puff capacity and its little brother the Elux Legend Mini – which although a lower capacity device can still deliver an impressive 600 puffs per device.

The E Lux Flow, E Lux KOKO, E Lux Bar Legacy, and E Lux Pro disposable Pen all also offer an impressive 600 puffs per device and like the legend series are available in a range of great flavours to match every mood and situation. There are even zero nicotine options! As you might expect these incredibly popular disposable vapes are widely available but we recommend that you order online right here and take advantage of our great value and service!

How Might You Upgrade Your Vaping Experience by utilising Elux Legend Packs?

Elux Legend vaping devices are the market leader. The Elux mission is to improve the vaping experience. They want to make luxury affordable to UK vapers. This is something they have not had access to before.

The Legend Mini can offer 600 nicotine hits with rich flavor. In contrast, the Elux Legend 3500 Puffs device can provide the same flavor for a longer time, with no nicotine.

All of this in the easiest, least fussy, most straightforward manner imaginable. Great flavour, a satisfying nicotine hit and no stress whatsoever. Truly the Elux legend range is vaping, but enhanced.

How many Elux Flavours are available to you?

There are more than 50 Elux Bar Flavours. Describing and listing them all is a challenge but we are happy to give you some of the highlights:

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Elux Bar FAQ’S

Are Elux legend 3500 puffs safe?

The Elux Legend is a market leading disposable vape because of its high capacity and subsequent longevity. However their high capacity has sparked concerns amongst some safety organisations who have questioned whether that amount of nicotine salts in one device might lead to nicotine overdoses.

In the UK there is no need for concern however. The Elux Legend 3500 Puffs devices that are available in the UK are nicotine free. UK law does not permit nicotine vapes with capacity above 2ml to be sold, so if you are shopping with a reputable UK store you should be completely protected. If shopping online with a non-UK store we would advise vapers to exercise caution.

What is the best Elux legend flavour?

Perhaps the main reason for the immense popularity of the Elux Legend range is the absolutely astonishing array of available flavours. To Choose one to label “the best” from such an extensive selection is perhaps an impossible task – and even if we were to choose one we know that we would change our minds pretty quickly.

For this reason we would advise our customers to explore the whole range for themselves and draw your own conclusions – we are prepared to bet that most people will not be able to pick just one either!

How to dispose of Elux legend?

If you are using a Elux Legend 3500 Puffs vape the question of disposal will not arise all that often, such is the capacity and longevity of the device. But eventually even an Elux Legend will be used up and like any other disposable device it will need to be disposed of. It is important to do this responsibly – far too many vapes end up in landfill which is damaging to the environment and completely unnecessary.

Most of the parts that make up an Elux disposable vaping device are in fact completely recyclable. You will need to dispose of the battery at an approved battery disposal site, but since most supermarkets and almost all local authority waste sites will have these that should not be difficult. The plastic parts of the device can almost certainly be placed into your regular recycling, but do check your Local Authority’s rules.

How much nicotine is in a Elux bar?

As you would expect if you select a Zero Nicotine Elux Bar it will contain no nicotine at all. The regular Elux bars are loaded with 2ml of 20mg nicotine salts which will provide up to 600 flavoursome nicotine bearing puffs per device. This compares very favourably to a standard pack of 20 old fashioned tobacco cigarettes with far fewer health issues.