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Ultimate Salts

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What are Ultimate Salts?

Ultimate Salts replicates the nicotine salts that occur naturally in tobacco to create a smooth vape experience with minimal throat hit and irritation. It can give a greater satisfaction to vapers as some studies suggest the nicotine can be absorbed faster and stay in the system for longer.

Ultimate Salts are a brilliant way for traditional smokers to transition to vaping due to the 50/0 VG/PG ratio, meaning you get a lot of cloud production with a gentle throat hit. With a wide range of flavours available, we stock high quality ultimate salts with fruity & dessert flavours at affordable prices.

How to choose the best Ultimate Salt?

It is all based on personal preference, and only you will know what your favourite flavour and nicotine strength is. We stock all flavours of Ultimate Salts, from the fruity Watermelon Cheery and Pink Raspberry all the way through to the sweet dessert flavours like Apple Strudel and Black Forest. We also stock 10mg and 20mg Nic Salts to suit every style of vaping. Perfect for those who are ex-smokers, you get immediate and satisfying nicotine relief.

Why should you choose us for Ultimate Salts in the UK?

As well as stocking the whole range of flavours that Ultimate Salts produce, we also offer them at incredible and affordable prices. Available in 2 different strengths, Ultimate Salts provides the perfect balance of intense and long lasting flavour with good cloud production. If you cannot find a flavour that you like, we also stock IVG Nic Salts and Slushie salts.