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Nic Salts for sale

Nic Salts are the latest vaping trend to hit the UK, and for good reason! Basically, the freebase nicotine that is commonly found in most e liquids has benzoic acid added to it to create a different a higher concentration of nicotine.

The freebase nicotine is extracted from the tobacco plant is essentially a pure form of nicotine and can be quite harsh when using at high strengths. By adding the benzoic acid and creating nic salts (or nicotine salts) it means that you have a smoother, less harsh vape but still get the high strength and the effects that come with it. If you are using nic salts, UK, then the nicotine is absorbed into the blood stream more quickly and vaping will give you a buzz or a rush just like smoking a real cigarette.

What are the advantages of nic salts?

Nic salts are revolutionising the UK vaping market, and the benefits are huge:

  • Lower temperatures – you can more vape at lower temperatures and still absorb more nicotine if you are using nic salts in the UK. It also means that you get a better flavour than if you were using a high strength traditional e liquid.
  • Higher nicotine – nic salts are available in much high strengths than traditional e liquids
  • Smoother taste – due to the acid being added, it means that high strengths no longer hit the back of your throat as harshly – meaning your vape is smoother with less throat irritation.
  • Work faster – nic salts are absorbed faster into the bloodstream so you satisfy cravings for longer
  • Produce less vapour – a more discrete cloud production means that you don’t end up sitting in a foggy room
  • Easy transition – due to the fast absorption rate, nic salts are perfect for those moving from smoking cigarettes to vaping

Why should you choose us for nic salts in the UK?

Here at Vape and Go, we offer a wide range of nic salt based e liquids – from Ultimate Salts and IVG Salts to flavourless nic salt shot boosters. From traditional and nostalgic flavours to unique and original flavours, we offer 100% original, superioir qualities of nic salts at budget friendly prices so there is something to suit everyone’s vaping style and preference.