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Ploom Evo Tobacco Sticks

By Ploom
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Product Highlights

  • 20-sticks of Ploom EVO Bronze
  • Compatible with the Ploom X Kit
  • Easily replaceable sticks
  • Heated tobacco; does not produce tar, smoke or ash
  • Contains nicotine

Bought Together:

Ploom EVO Tobacco Sticks are specifically crafted for use with Ploom Heating Devices, such as the Ploom X Advanced Kit, offering a modern twist on traditional tobacco use. Designed to mirror the classic cigarette in appearance, these sticks are loaded with a unique tobacco blend. When heated in a Ploom Device, the tobacco produces a rich vapour, simulating the experience of smoking without the harmful effects of burning tobacco. This innovative approach to vaping significantly reduces the exposure to toxins and chemicals, presenting a safer alternative while delivering the desired nicotine effect.

Packaged in boxes of 20, Ploom EVO Sticks are not only an economical choice, costing less than half the price of a standard pack of cigarettes, but they also boast a variety of flavours. From traditional tobacco to minty and fruity options, there's something for everyone. The "Option" varieties include a crushable ball in the filter, allowing for an extra burst of flavour on demand. Unlike traditional cigarettes, EVO Sticks leave behind a pleasant aroma that quickly fades without clinging to clothes or lingering in the air.

Ploom EVO Tobacco Sticks Key Features

  • Designed for Ploom Heating Devices: Perfectly compatible with devices like the Ploom X Advanced Kit for a seamless experience.
  • Safer Tobacco Use: Heats tobacco to release flavourful vapour without burning, reducing harmful chemical exposure.
  • Economical Packs: Each box contains 20 sticks, offering value and convenience.
  • Flavour Variety: A broad selection of over 10 unique flavours, including options with a special crushable flavour ball for an enhanced taste experience.
  • Pleasant Aroma: Leaves a nice scent that dissipates quickly, avoiding the stale tobacco smell associated with traditional smoking.

Available Flavours for Ploom EVO Tobacco Sticks:

Each flavour of Ploom EVO Tobacco Sticks offers a unique taste profile designed to cater to the diverse preferences of users. Here’s a detailed look at each of the available flavours:

Classic Tobacco Flavours

  • Amber (Sepia): Amber provides a smooth and rounded taste, ideal for those who appreciate the classic, uncomplicated essence of tobacco. It’s designed to deliver a rich and fulfilling smoking experience with every puff.

  • Gold: Gold features a sophisticated blend, offering a smooth experience with undercurrents of wood and tea. This flavour is perfect for users seeking a refined and subtle tobacco taste with a hint of complexity.

Menthol Tobacco Flavours

  • Green (Emerald): For lovers of a more intense, cooling sensation, Green delivers an invigorating minty taste that refreshes the palate. It’s a strong choice for those who enjoy the brisk overlay of menthol on their tobacco.

  • Green Option: This variant introduces a refreshing peppermint twist, which can be intensified by crushing the flavour ball in the filter. It’s ideal for vapers who prefer a customizable menthol strength.

Fruit & Menthol Tobacco Flavours

  • Purple: Purple offers a delicate and cooling sensation, subtly combining the freshness of menthol with a light fruity undertone. It’s perfect for those looking for a gently flavoured, refreshing vaping experience.

  • Purple Option: For a fruity burst, Purple Option features a berry sensation that can be enhanced by crushing the flavour ball. It’s a fantastic choice for users who enjoy sweet, berry-infused tobacco flavours.

  • Magenta: Magenta blends the delicate flavours of grape with a hint of mint, providing a unique and aromatic vaping experience. This flavour is best suited for those who appreciate a touch of fruitiness in their tobacco.

  • Ruby: Offering a crisp apple and mint flavour, Ruby stands out for its refreshing and crisp taste. It’s an excellent option for vapers who enjoy the combination of fruity sharpness with a cool menthol finish.

Other Unique Flavours

  • Azure: Azure brings a subtle cooling sensation, perfect for users looking for a mild but refreshing menthol experience. It’s a great choice for those who prefer a softer menthol flavour.

  • Baize Option: This flavour combines aromatic pear with mint, offering a unique and rich taste profile. The flavour ball can be crushed for an added burst of pear, making it ideal for those who love a fruity and refreshing twist.

  • Bronze: Bronze provides a rich and intense taste, catering to those who enjoy a robust tobacco flavour with depth. It’s well-suited for users seeking a strong, impactful vaping experience.

  • Tan: Tan offers an intense taste with notes of coffee and caramel, creating a rich and indulgent experience. This flavour is perfect for vapers who enjoy a tobacco blend with sweet, aromatic undertones.

FlavourEVO Amber,EVO Azure,EVO Baize Option,EVO Bronze,EVO Gold,EVO Green,EVO Green Option,EVO Magenta,EVO Purple,EVO Purple Option,EVO Ruby,EVO Tan
Pack Size20 Sticks
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