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Siberia Nicotine Pouches

Enjoy our wide range of Siberia Snus for a great experience. Get your favourite Snus Siberia varieties delivered to your door!

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What is Siberia Snus?

Siberia Snus is an intensely powerful way to enjoy chewing tobacco. Popular in Sweden for centuries, Snus is rightly renowned for both strength and flavour. Offering an impressive 43mg of nicotine per gram, Sibera Snus delivers a discrete but satisfying solution to nicotine cravings. Siberia Snus nicotine pouches are a smoke and vapour free alternative that allow you to find relief from nicotine cravings any time and anywhere. 

Siberia Nicotine Pouches are a serious product for serious people – and they pack a serious flavour punch! Siberia Snus Red delivers a simultaneous cooling and burning sensation which has made it a real favourite with those who really appreciate a strong nicotine hit. Siberia Snus Brown combines that robust tobacco taste with a refreshing hint of mint, while Siberia Snus White delivers a more subtle mint flavour when compared to Siberia Snus Red, for those who want a milder taste without compromising on high nicotine content.

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Why is Siberia Snus So Popular?

Join the ever growing band of people who have discovered the intense power of Siberia Snus. This is a product that is formulated to maximise the user experience while minimising the impact on the surrounding environment. Gone are the wreaths of bad smelling smoke associated with cigarettes and the intrusively sweet plumes of vapour that accompany vape use. Unlike those more traditional products Snus make no intrusions on those around you, meaning that you can use them wherever you like, including places where both smoking and vaping would be impossible.

Because you can enjoy Siberia Snus in places where smoking and vaping would be prohibited, you can be free of cravings wherever you are. Long meetings, three hour movies, epic train journeys – Snus allows you to enjoy all of those things and more without experiencing nicotine cravings. With Siberia Snus you need never suffer cravings again. Siberia snus enable you to enjoy life completely without limits.

Siberia Nicotine Pouches FAQs

Why Choose Snus Siberia?

Siberia can claim to be perhaps the strongest Snus in the World. They offer a full throated flavour and intense nicotine hit that you simply have never experienced before. The discrete nicotine pouches are supplied in a small, easy to carry tin which ensures that your Snus will always be fresh and full of flavour whenever you want it. Siberia gives you a grown up nicotine hit that delivers flavour without compromise and without limits.

Which flavours should I choose?

Of course flavour selection is a very personal thing and we would not presume to know which of the intense Siberia flavours would best suit you. Be advised though, whichever flavour you decide to make your own Siberia Snus is all about impact - so be aware that none of the intensely great flavours available could be described as “subtle”. Siberia offers big flavour to match the big nicotine experience that is synonymous with the Siberia brand.

What makes Siberia Snus Mg and Snus Siberia different?

In a word? “POWER!” Siberia delivers an intensely strong, powerful nicotine hit and a powerful taste experience that both cools and burns. This is an unashamedly grown up product for those with grown up tastes, and one that you can enjoy wherever you are. The complete lack of both smoke and vapour means that there are not restrictions on where Siberia Snus can be enjoyed – Siberia is a product for adults who prefer not to be told what they can and cannot do.

Are Siberia nicotine pouches legal in the UK?

When choosing Siberia Snus, UK consumers can feel completely confident. Siberia is formulated so that the great flavour and intensely satisfying nicotine hit of Siberia nicotine pouches comes from a high quality product that is always in complete compliance with all applicable regulations in the United Kingdom. Be assured that you can enjoy your Siberia Nicotine Pouch secure in the knowledge that it has met all of the appropriate criteria for regulatory approval.

Are there any health risks with Siberia nicotine pouches?

No product can ever claim to be completely free of all health risks. Siberia nicotine pouches do contain nicotine, which can be an addictive substance and users should always be aware of this. However, unlike both smoking and vaping enjoying Siberia Snus Mg does not involve drawing substances into the lungs. This means that they can be said to be a much less risky way to get that craving busting nicotine hit.

What shipping options are available for UK orders?

We offer a comprehensive range of shipping options, so you can be sure that your Siberia Snus pouches will arrive exactly when you want them. With options including next day, twenty four and forty eight hour delivery which can be tracked or un-tracked, we work hard to ensure that you can always order with complete confidence that you will get your Siberia Snus when you want them!

How do you use Siberia Snus?

This is a smoke and vapour free product that requires no power and no additional devices. Simply take a Siberia nicotine pouch from the easy to carry tin and place it gently between your gum and your lip. With experience you will soon find the spot that works best for you. The all you have to do is let the nicotine pouch rest comfortably there as it slowly releases its nicotine and flavour. Siberia Snus offer a simple, discrete and fuss free experience.

Brand Name: Siberia Snus
Product Type: Nicotine Pouches
Pouch Format: Large
Our Strength Rating: Extra Strong
Pouches per can: 20
Shipping from: London, UK