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Ploom X Advanced Heated Tobacco Bundle Starter Kit

By Ploom
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Product Highlights

  • Heated tobacco System by Ploom
  • Includes Free 2 Evo Sticks
  • Uses real tobacco Ploom EVO sticks
  • HeatFlow technology for reduced odour and minimal cleaning
  • Cigarette-style Filter
  • Dimensions: 91mm x 48mm x 25mm | Weight: 46.6g

EVO Flavour 1:
EVO Flavour 2:

Welcome to a world where smoking is not just an act, but a sophisticated experience. Meet the Ploom X Advanced Device, our latest breakthrough in tobacco enjoyment designed for those who aim to quit smoking. This innovative device leverages the pioneering Heat Not Burn technology to transform your tobacco experience, dramatically reducing the intake of harmful toxins found in traditional cigarettes. Simply insert a Ploom Evo Tobacco Stick, and embark on a smoking journey like no other.

Super Fast Heating for Instant Gratification

The Ploom X Advanced takes your tobacco moments to new heights with its rapid heating capability, surpassing the original Ploom X. Designed to fit perfectly in your hand, its ergonomic pebble shape offers both comfort and style, ensuring your sessions are as enjoyable as they are quick to start.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Forget the cumbersome cleaning of traditional devices. The Ploom X Advanced promises a 5-second clean without the need to disassemble, letting you enjoy more time indulging and less time cleaning.

Enhanced HeatFlow Technology for Unmatched Flavour

Experience the pinnacle of HeatFlow technology with the Ploom X Advanced, generating unprecedented heat to unlock the full flavour of tobacco. Enjoy smoother airflow and richer taste with every draw, without the downsides of charring or smoke smells, making for a discreet and enjoyable experience.

Maximised Usage with Minimal Downtime

With a battery built to last, the Ploom X Advanced supports up to 22 uses on a single charge. Stay in the know with the LED indicator that signals the beginning and end of your heating sessions, keeping you prepared at all times.

Simplicity with Touch Activation

Step into the future with the Ploom X Advanced's buttonless design. A simple touch is all it takes to activate, simplifying your smoking ritual and enhancing your experience with every use.

A Spectrum of Flavours

Dive into a variety of flavours with Ploom EVO Tobacco Sticks, designed to cater to every preference:

  • Amber (Sepia): Smooth and Rounded
  • Azure: Subtle with a Cooling Sensation
  • Baize Option: Aromatic Pear and Mint
  • Bronze: Rich and Intense
  • Gold: Smooth with Wood and Tea Undertones
  • Green (Emerald): Intense Cooling Sensation
  • Green Option: Refreshing Peppermint
  • Magenta: Delicate Grape and Mint
  • Purple: Cooling Sensation
  • Purple Option: Fruity Berry Sensation
  • Ruby: Crisp Apple and Mint
  • Tan: Rich Coffee and Caramel Plus, choose 2 free packs of Ploom Evo Sticks to start your journey!


Inside the Box:

  • Ploom X Advanced Device
  • USB-C Cable
  • AC Adaptor
  • Cleaning Sticks

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 90.8mm x 48mm x 24.8mm

Elevate your smoking experience with the Ploom X Advanced Device – where technology and flavour meet to provide an unparalleled tobacco experience.

Ploom X Advanced Device Key Features

  • Rapid Heating: Enjoy your tobacco with minimal waiting time.
  • Ergonomic Design: Fits comfortably in your hand for a pleasurable experience.
  • Easy Cleaning: A quick 5-second clean without disassembly.
  • Advanced HeatFlow Technology: For enhanced tobacco flavour and smoother airflow.
  • Long Battery Life: Up to 22 uses per charge with an LED indicator.
  • Touch Activation: Buttonless design for a streamlined experience.
  • Wide Range of Flavours: Multiple Ploom EVO Tobacco Stick options to suit every taste.

Ploom Device Design

Ploom X Device Various Colours

ColourBlack,Champagne Gold,Navy Blue,Silver,Slate Grey
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