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4NX nicotine pouches offer strong pouches with strong flavours. All 4NX pouches are slim and come in a range of nicotine strengths up to 18mg. 4NX nicotine pouches come in many different flavours -  so try them all to find your flavour!

4NX nicotine pouches are manufactured by 4NX Pouches Limited.  

4NX Nicotine Pouches: Nicotine Strengths

The 4NX nicotine pouches you can find on Haypp are mainly extra strong; with nicotine strength options ranging from 6mg to 18mg of nicotine per pouch. 

Flavour Nicotine Strength Options Pouch Size
4NX Mint 6mg, 18mg Slim
4NX Icy Mint 10mg Slim
4NX Blue Raspberry Ice 10mg Slim
4NX Fire and Ice 12mg Slim
4NX Energy Ice 12mg Slim
4NX Arctic Mint 12mg Slim
4NX Tropical Ice 12mg Slim
4NX Watermelon Ice 10mg Slim


4NX Flavours: The Full List

You can find 8 flavours of 4NX pouches - from a selection of mint flavours to a range of sweet ice flavours. The 4NX nicotine pouches you can find on Haypp are:

4NX Mint
4NX Icy Mint
4NX Blue Raspberry Ice
4NX Fire and Ice
4NX Energy Ice
4NX Arctic Mint
4NX Tropical Ice
4NX Watermelon Ice

Most Popular 4NX Flavours (UK)

In the UK, the top 3 4NX nicotine pouch flavours are:

  1. 4NX Fire and Ice Snus 
    2. 4NX Watermelon Ice Snus 
    3. 4NX Arctic Mint Snus

    How to Use 4NX Pouches

    Nicotine pouches offer an easy, convenient and smoke-free way to get nicotine, by placing a pouch under your upper or lower lip. To get started, follow these 4 simple steps:
  2. Put one of the 4NX pouches into your mouth
    2. Position it under your upper or lower lip
    3. Leave it for up to 30 minutes (moving it if it becomes uncomfortable)
    4. Remove the pouch and dispose of it

Where to Buy 4NX UK

You can order all 4NX pouches on Haypp and enjoy fast, free shipping from our UK warehouse. Shop our range of popular vapes and nicotine pouches in the UK with our low price guarantee.