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Order Snus nicotine pouches online and have your preferred products conveniently delivered to your door. Discover a whole new way to get a great hit of flavour with fast and invigorating relief from nicotine cravings in a discrete package that can be enjoyed anywhere.

A Great Range of Flavours

Snus pouches differ from chewing tobacco because they do not involve active chewing and they can carry any flavour you might desire. Some brands, such as Siberia, focus more on nicotine strength and limit their flavour range to refreshing minty classics. But other brands focus firmly on flavour, with options from the sweet to the fruity to the subtle. Explore our wide range of Snus pouches online and discover your new favourite!

Convenient and Discreet

If you are a smoker or vaper, you will know that there are places where enjoying a vape or a cigarette is absolutely forbidden, and many more where to do so will draw many tuts and disapproving glares. Snus pouches carry no such issue. In fact, a Snus pouch is so discrete nobody but you will ever know you have one!

The ultra discreteness of a Snus pouch is what gives Suns users so much freedom. Because a Snus pouch can be enjoyed anywhere you can be free of cravings at all times. With a Snus pouch that long plane flight need not be a trial. You can enter extended work meetings with a spring in your step not a feeling of dread and you can comfortably enjoy that three and a half hour movie epic at the cinema and not have to wait until it is available on streaming. Life with Snus is life without limits!

Snus FAQs

What is Snus and how does it differ from other tobacco products?

Snus Nicotine is an oral nicotine product that is combustion and vapour free but which delivers a long lasting flavour and extended relief from nicotine cravings. “Snus” comes from the Swedish word for “snuff” – although it now refers exclusively to oral consumption of nicotine. To use a Snus pouch you simply place it between your lip and gum. The nicotine will be absorbed discretely through the skin inside the mouth, producing no smoke or vapour making snus useful in places where smoking and vaping are forbidden.

Are Snus nicotine pouches legal in the UK? 

Snus UK products are formulated carefully to be fully compliant with UK law and other applicable regulations. The regulations relating to nicotine based products in the United Kingdom are very strict and UK Snus enthusiasts can therefore be assured that so long as they buy their Snus pouches from a reputable source they will have no need to worry about the legality or quality of their Snus pouch.

How do I choose the right Snus product for me?

Snus Nicotine is available in a wide variety of variations in flavour and strength, so if you are just starting out on your journey of Snus Nicotine appreciation you have a great voyage of discovery ahead. Clearly decisions about appropriate nicotine strengths and favourite flavours are deeply personal, so we recommend starting with the lower strengths and more familiar flavours and then exploring the range from there. 

Do nicotine pouches damage gums?

Snus Nicotine is orally absorbed, so it has none of the negative effects on lung health that are associated with smoking and vaping. However it has been linked to some negative outcomes for gum health, so if you intend to enjoy Snus pouches you should keep an eye on your gums. Any pre-existing gum disease might well be exacerbated, and if you experience any negative effects, you should pause your use of Snus pouches and speak to a medical professional before you continue.

Which nicotine strength should I buy?

Snus nicotine pouches are available in a wide range of strengths to serve all preferences. Which strength is right for you will be dependent on a range of factors, so giving generalised advice on this matter is not possible. We recommend that new users of nicotine pouches should start with the lowest strength options and then work up until they find the level of nicotine strength that works best for them.

What are the health implications of using Snus compared to smoking cigarettes?

The serious negative health effects of cigarette smoking are very well known. From the superficial such as bad breath and smoke smelling clothes, to the serious – lung disease, cardio-vascular damage, heart attacks, fertility issues and of course heightened risk of lung and other types of cancer. A Snus pouch is not a completely risk free proposition – nothing really is - but does not carry those risks so long as you maintain good oral hygiene. They are a significantly less risky option than cigarettes.

What are the different types of Snus pouches available?

There are many different brands of Snus nicotine pouches on the market, each with their own particular characteristics. Popular brands such as Pablo and Siberia nicotine pouches are noted for their powerful nicotine content, while others are more concerned with delivering vibrant flavour experience alongside the nicotine hit. We recommend that you explore the ever expanding range of this exciting yet discrete nicotine product.