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Helwit Nicotine Pouches

Helwit Nicotine Pouches are developed together with some of the world’s leading nicotine pouch experts. Together they have tested different proportions, ingredients, humidities and paper qualities. In the end, we have found a perfect and natural taste experience, with long-lasting taste and nicotine delivery.

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Helwit is a new All White brand from YOIK. Helwit is created in Yoik's climate-smart factory in Gransholms Bruk outside Växjö in Sweden, where the factory is self-sufficient through a hydroelectric plant located a stone's throw from the factory. Sustainability is in focus, everything from the box that is produced from pine oil to climate compensation.

it is a Swedish brand with a super-exciting lineup of tobacco-free snus and a strong focus on sustainability. It offers bold, daring, and delicious flavors like violet and orange and strengths from 3.5 to 4.5 mg/pouch, packed into slim, discreet pouches made from luxuriously soft materials. The nicotine and flavor provide long-lasting, hour-long satisfaction and set in instantly thanks to the high moisture content. Since these products contain no tobacco, the experience is very fresh and clean, presenting no risk of teeth staining, bad breath, or needing to spit. What's more, the cans, formed from eco-friendly pine oil, are ISCC certified and made using self-sufficient hydropower. To discover more about this exceptional brand, keep reading.

The flavors are developed through many hours of work with experts who, together with Yoik, have tried to find a good balance between clear flavors and a long-lasting nicotine delivery.