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Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Kit

By Elf Bar
(7 ratings)
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Product Highlights

  • Made in China
  • Comes with 1 x Prefilled pod
  • Type-C fast-charging
  • Compatible with the ELFA pod range and new ELFA PRO pods

Bought Together:

The Elf Bar Elfa Pro is a rechargeable pod kit designed by the genius team at Elf Bar. It has been equipped with a high performance QUAQ mesh coil which offers a much larger heating area, generating a smoother, more flavourful vapour to enhance your vaping experience. Its sleek slimline design features an integral USB-C port for rapid charging and is loaded with replaceable e-liquid pods, making your Elfa Pro completely reusable without the faff and hassle you might have associated with refillable devices.

Features of Elfa Pro

Elf Bar Elfa Pro is packed with features, from the hi-tech QUAQ heating coil to the easily replaceable Elfa Pro Pods that can be swapped out with no mess, no fuss and no hassle. The built in 500 mAh battery is just as easy to recharge using the integrated USB-C charging port. With more than thirty flavours in the range, the Elf Bar Elfa Pro is perfect when you are ready to leave your disposables behind for good and move on to a more sustainable vape.

What’s in the Box?

When you open the box, you will find one Elf Bar Elfa Pro vaping device and one of the innovative Elfa Pro Pods, complete with the cutting edge QUAQ coil technology for a smoother, more consistent vape experience. Instructions for use can be found on the pod’s stickers. There really is nothing else you need to get started, and we are confident that you will never look back.

Elf Bar Elfa Pro Flavours

Elf Bar Elfa Pro Pod Kit is compatible with Elfa Pro Pods, and they are available in more than thirty flavours. From the sweet but tangy fizz of Pink Lemonade to the rich fruitiness of Mixed Berries, to the refreshing coolness of Watermelon. There are too many to list here, but we are sure that you are going to enjoy working your way through the range to find the one that really works for you!

How to Use the Elfa Pro

Your Elf Bar Elfa Pod device is simple to set up and use. Remove your Elf Bar Elfa Pro from the packaging, take off all of the protective stickers and connect the device to a suitable power source using the integrated USB-C charging port. It should arrive with some charge in the battery, but we recommend charging fully before use for the best experience. Once this is done, remove the protective stickers from the Elfa Pro Pod and slot it in – you will hear a click when it is firmly in place. All you need to do then is inhale through the mouthpiece to activate the device. That really is all there is too it. All that remains is to enjoy the most satisfying vaping experience there is.

Tips for Optimal Usage

Elfa Pro is very easy to use and maintain. Simply wipe it down with a soft damp cloth every so often and make sure you do not store it in extremes of temperature or in direct sunlight. Apart from that, avoid over-charging the battery by disconnecting the charger once the device is fully charged (you’ll know when the light turns off) and your Elf Bar Elfa Pro should serve you well for a very long time.

Each colour of the Elfa Pro pod kit comes with a different pod flavour, please check the list below for details.

  • Blue comes with Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava
  • Aurora Purple comes with Watermelon
  • Black comes with Blue Razz Lemonade
  • Navy Blue comes with Blueberry Sour Raspberry
  • Twilight comes with Mixed Berries
  • Twilight Brown comes with Cola
  • Aurora Pink comes with Pink Lemonade
  • Aurora Green comes with Apple Peach


  • 1 x Elfa Pro Pod Vape Device
  • 1 x Elfa Pro Pod
Nicotine Strength20mg
ColourAurora Green Kit + 1 x Apple Peach 20mg Pod,Aurora Purple Kit + 1 x Watermelon 20mg Pod,Black Kit + 1 x Blue Razz Lemonade 20mg Pod,Blue Kit + 1 x Kiwi Passion Guava 20mg Pod,Choose an Option,Dark Gold Kit + 1 x Pineapple Ice 20mg Pod,Navy Blue Kit + 1 x Blue Raspberry 20mg Pod,Pink Kit + 1 x Pink Lemonade 20mg Pod,Twilight Brown Kit + 1 x Cola 20mg Pod,Twilight Cyan Kit + 1 x Spearmint 20mg Pod,Twilight Green Kit + 1 x Lemon & Lime 20mg Pod,Twilight Kit + 1 x Mixed Berries 20mg Pod,Twilight Purple Kit + 1 x Mad Blue 20mg Pod
Made InChina
Charging TypeUSB Type-C
Customer reviews
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Elf Bar Elfa was a hugely popular and very capable device, so it is no surprise that the ELFA Pro is very similar in many respects. The main difference between the two is the more advanced coil technology housed in the Elfa Pods, although devotees of the original Elf Bar Elfa will also appreciate the more ergonomic redesign of the mouthpiece for an even more comfortable experience.

An Elf Bar Elfa Pro vaping device fitted with a new Elfa Pod should be good for around 600 puffs of satisfying vapour. Of course once the pod is exhausted and the battery is drained you can simply recharge the battery and replace the Elfa Pod so your vaping can be uninterrupted.

The 500 mAh battery installed in your Elfa Pro recharged from flat to full in between twenty and thirty minutes, because the integral USB-C charging port supports rapid charging. Once the device is fully charged, it should last around a day even with moderate to heavy use. 

The Elfa Pro Pod Kit is roughly equivalent to twenty old fashioned tobacco cigarettes in terms of both nicotine and number of puffs. Of course the Elfa Pro delivers that nicotine without the tar and other toxins that are inherent in cigarettes, so the real plus point is that there is no need for any cigarettes if you have an Elfa Pro.

For cost effectiveness, ease of use, great looks, durability and all ‘round satisfaction, the Elf Bar Elfa Pro simply cannot be beaten. If you have decided that vaping is for you but you want to move away from wasteful disposables, the Elfa Pro is absolutely worth it.