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Lost Mary

Lost Mary vape are a range of disposables By Elfbar that are simple and easy to use and available in a wide range of flavours. There's no refilling or recharging required - just replace your device when it's empty and keep on vaping as normal. With a focus on the delicious blend of fruit and menthol,  the Lost Mary BM600, a pen-shaped Lost Mary AM600 and the newest addition Lost Mary QM600, deliver a sweet and icy cool inhale.

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Lost Mary is a brand that prioritises easy vaping with a disposable that is both stylish and exciting. Discover our range of stylish Lost Mary vapes, an easy to use vape device with a wide range of flavours. 


LOST MARY pride itself on producing a range of vaping products with innovative style and high performance.

Designed to be aesthetically pleasing whilst delivering an exceptional vaping experience, Lost Mary disposable vapes are the perfect choice for vapers looking for something unique.

Packed with the latest innovations, Lost Mary vape products ensure they deliver the best performance. The BM600 vape is the most popular disposable vape, offering users an unbeatable vaping experience with unrivalled taste.

With design being the driving factor behind all Lost Mary products, they remain compact and stylish with a cutting-edge appeal that is more apparent when compared to other vape brands.

Very few products offer high levels of performance combined with unique styling that inspires and delivers on its promises, like the Lost Mary range of vaping products.


How do Lost Mary Disposables work?

Lost Mary disposables come ready to use. It is pre-filled and pre-charged, So Just inhale on the mouthpiece to begin vaping. When the Battery runs the light on bottom start flashing or stops producing vapour.

How long does a disposable Lost Mary Vape last?

Lost Mary disposable vape should last as long as a pack of 20 cigarettes. Each device is filled with 2ml of e-liquid which delivers up to 600 puffs. If the light on the bottom starts flashing or if the device stops producing vapour, then it is time to start with a new device. 

What are the benefits of using Lost Mary disposables?

Lost Mary disposables offer may benefits, including:

  • Delicious and satisfying flavours
  • Premium Grade ingredients
  • Smooth and enjoyable throat hit
  • Convenient and user friendly design
  • Affordability without compromising on quality