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Ske Crystal Plus Prefilled Pods (Pack 2)

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Introducing The SKE Crystal Plus Refillable Pod

SKE Crystal Plus Pods are the innovative new vaping devices from the genius vape designers at SKE. With mesh coil technology to enhance your flavour experience with smoother vapour clouds and the mouth to lung vaping you have come to expect from SKE, the SKE Crystal Plus refillable pod delivers everything you want from a disposable in a more cost-effective, eco-friendly refillable device. With SKE Crystal Pods the future is refillable!

SKE Crystal Plus Prefilled Key Features

The defining key feature of the SKE Crystal Plus Refillable Pod system is its refill ability, which when combined with its easy to use MTL vaping and mesh coil technology give you an advanced but simple to use vaping device that makes reusable vapes accessible to all. And of course, it is this refillable feature that makes the SKE Crystal Plus Refillable Pod more environmentally friendly than its disposable cousins – truly a vape that will not cost the Earth.


Nicotine Strength20mg
FlavourBlue Fusion,Blue Razz Lemonade,Blueberry Cherry Blackberry,Blueberry Raspberry,Blueberry Sour Raspberry,Cherry Ice,Cherry Strawberry Raspberry,Cotton Candy Bubblegum,Fire Brew,Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava,Lemon & Lime,Pink Lemonade,Rainbow,Strawberry Burst,Watermelon Ice
E-Liquid Capacity2ml
Customer reviews
4.7 out of 5
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SKE Crystal Plus Pods are available in pre-filled and refillable formats, meaning that you can enjoy your preferred vaping liquid in your Crystal Plus Vape. The refillable Crystal Plus Pods are designed to be easy to refill, with minimal fuss or spillage and then simply snap into your SKE Crystal Plus Vape device for a satisfyingly sustainable and environmentally friendly vaping experience.

Refilling the SKE Crystal Plus Vape simply could not be easier, with none of the fiddling and spilling that plagued older style refillable vaping devices. When a refillable pod is empty simply find the silicone stopper on the side of the pod and gently remove it. This will reveal the refill port. Then carefully insert the nozzle of your preferred e-liquid bottle into the refill port and squeeze gently until the pod is full. Once the pod is full just replace the silicone stopper, ensuring a tight seal and you are good to go.

SKE Crystal Plus Pods are incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is insert a full pod into your SKE Crystal Plus device, then inhale through the mouthpiece to activate in exactly the same way you would have done with your favourite disposable. That is all you need to do, just enjoy your vape and recharge the integral 400mAh as required using the built in USB-C charging port.

A Crystal Plus Pod contains 2ml of 20mg/ml e-liquid, which will deliver around six hundred puffs to the average vaper. And of course, unlike the traditional disposable models, with the SKE Crystal Plus when your SKE Crystal Pod is empty you do not throw the device away, adding to the mountain of plastic in landfills, no. You can simply either refill the pod or snap in a new one and keep vaping. More convenient, more cost effective and more sustainable than disposable vaping devices with all the satisfaction you have come to expect from SKE.

How long your Crystal Pod will last will depend very much on how you use it. Generally speaking, an average vaper will get around two days’ worth of vaping before they will need to refill their pod or slot a new one into their device. The pods will likely last longer for a casual vaper. Remember though, unlike traditional disposable devices when a Crystal Pod is empty you are not throwing your device away – this is the refillable, reusable, sustainable future of vaping.