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One Hit Wonder E Liquid - Fire Man - 100ml

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Product Highlights
  • USA Made
  • Prominent Flavours: Lemonade
  • 100ml
  • Free Nicotine Shots
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The fire in your throat that you get from being so thirsty can easily be put out when you take a quick puff of this e liquid. Fire Man is the name of the e liquid that is going to give you the refreshing lemonade kick that you love to savour all day long. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you are going to have a good time feeling the juicy lemons making their way into your mouth because they were citrus and ripe. As you keep savouring this blend, you are going to feel as if this e liquid was literally made from freshly squeezed lemons because it will even have a sour kick to it. Once you think you have discovered everything that this blend has to offer, you get this sweet and tart kick making its way inside of your mouth. You cannot put your finger on it, but you begin to wonder if that is the reason why this is some pink lemonade that you are having and not just any plain lemonade. Whatever that sweet and tart kick is that you are getting, you do not care because it is making you feel amazing. Suddenly, you feel the blend beginning to make its way down your throat in order to give you the throat hit that you enjoy to experience. It is actually not going to be too intense, but it is going to be a sensation that you can certainly indulge in at any time. When you think you are done helping yourself with this blend, you are going to enjoy the wonderful clouds that are going to start coming out of your mouth. They are going to be incredible and even carry this aromatic scent that is going to leave you sniffing for more. Once the clouds have fully exited, it means that the fire has been successfully put out. You will receive a 120ml bottle, filled with 100ml of Nicotine free eliquid. You also have the option to purchase it along with 2x 10ml bottles of Nicotine. Mixing the 2 Nicotine shots into the 100ml bottle will make your liquid 3mg.
Flavour Profile
Drink FlavoursLemonade
Nicotine Strength0% Nicotine Free
Flavour ProfileFruity
Flavour ProfileDrinks
Bottle Size120ml
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