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IQOS Heated Tobacco Kits

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Top Quality IQOS Heated Tobacco Kits

An IQOS device is the new alternative to cigarettes which is revolutionizing the way that people consume tobacco. With IQOS UK smokers are discovering a whole new way to experience tobacco because while it does create vapour for the user to inhale an IQOS vape uses real tobacco rather than a flavoured liquid.

How does IQOS work?

An IQOS system heats tobacco release a vapour, so it is not entirely accurate to call IQOS cigarettes – it is a useful shorthand, but they fundamentally differ from cigarettes because the tobacco is not burned.

Because an IQOS heets device uses real tobacco there is no need for any kind of liquid, but because the tobacco is not ignited there is no smoke and therefore none of the tar and significantly lower levels of other harmful chemicals associated with smoking. As they learn about the benefits of IQOS UK smokers are increasingly making the switch to get a real tobacco smoking experience without the harmful effects of smoke. The user is not exposed to the tar associated with tobacco smoking, and people in the IQOS user’s immediate environment are not subjected to the smells and harmful effects of secondhand smoke.

What do HEETS tobacco sticks contain?

HEETS are designed to be used in conjunction with an IQOS vape style device. These handy little white sticks contain no liquid, but instead house specialised blends of real tobacco. To use an IQOS UK smokers simply insert the HEETS tobacco stick into their IQOS device where it is heated to a high temperature to create the vapour-based aerosol that is then inhaled. When they use IQOS HEETS UK smokers find they experience a taste and feel very similar to smoking an old fashioned tobacco cigarette but because HEETS never burn they produce vapour rather than smoke which is significantly less harmful.

IQOS Heated Tobacco Kits

What Are the Striking Features of IQOS That You Should Know?

The most striking feature of IQOS, and the one you really need to know is that it an IQOS “cigarette” is neither a traditional cigarette or a normal Vape device. In a IQOS device real tobacco such as you might find in an old fashioned cigarette is heated to create vapour in the same way a Vaping device heats up liquid.

However, unlike vaping liquids which are chemically manufactured tobacco is a natural product and unlike old fashioned cigarettes the tobacco is not burned. This leads to another key feature of IQOS – the complete lack of smoke and associated drawbacks. Burning tobacco produces smoke which contains not only the nicotine that the smoker wants but also tar and high levels of other harmful chemicals. Heating tobacco to produce vapour produces zero tar and significantly lower levels of other harmful chemicals. It also completely cuts out the phenomenon of “second hand smoke” which made traditional cigarette smoking so anti-social. We would never claim that IQOS is completely without risk – what in the world is? – but studies shoe that switching to an IQOS device generates significantly fewer health risks than continuing to smoke.

The Vibrant IQOS Cigarettes Flavours

Unlike other smoking alternatives IQOS cigarettes are not flavoured to taste like soft drinks, fruits or sweets. Instead the IQOS cigarettes flavours are carefully blended to deliver the real taste of tobacco. Just as different brands of old fashioned tobacco cigarettes taste different the same is true of an IQOS cigarette, with each colour coded style having its own distinct flavour profile.


Amber is a rounded, aromatic toasted tobacco blend which boasts light nutty and woody notes.


Green offers a lightly toasted tobacco blend with well balanced cooling menthol and fresh green minty aromatic notes.


Turquoise delivers a lightly toasted tobacco blend containing cooling crisp menthol notes with a tangy, zesty aroma.


Sienna is a rounded toasted blend of tobacco delivering the cooling sensation of menthol with zesty background notes of mint.


A well rounded toasted tobacco blend with attractive nutty aromas.


This richly toasted tobacco blend is redolent with malty aromas for a richly bold flavour.


Yellow is a mellow blend of tobacco with a fine zesty aroma.


This is a crisply menthol tobacco blend delivering the earthy flavour of dark forest fruits.


Blue is a mellow blend of tobacco with a deeply cooling menthol flavour with distinctive notes of peppermint.

IQOS uses different technology than e-cigarettes.

We have spoken of the advantages that IQOS cigarettes have over traditional tobacco burning cigarettes, but they are also a different technology than liquid based e-cigarettes and it is fair to say that IQOS has some notable advantages over vaping devices too.

An IQOS device uses a solid stick of tobacco which is heated to create vapour rather than a reservoir of flavoured liquid. In this way an IQOS cigarette completely eliminates the possibility of spills or leaks – an inconvenience which most vapers have experienced at least once, usually at the most inconvenient moment possible. Less reputable e-liquid brands also sometimes spark the worry that the vaper does not always know exactly what chemicals they are inhaling. Because an IQOS device uses solid tobacco you can have much more confidence about what is in the vapour that you are drawing into your lungs.

IQOS Heated Tobacco Range

If you are an adult smoker looking for a better alternative to old fashioned tobacco cigarettes the IQOS cigarette range is a new and innovative place to begin your journey of discovery. The core product in the IQOS UK range is the IQOS Duo which comprises the IQOS holder – a tubular device which is essentially the IQOS vape replacement which fits into a separate charging case. Holder and case are available either separately or as a starter kit and come in a range of attractive colours to suit your style.

The range also boasts stylish accessories designed to help you use your IQOS device with ease and comfort. We can supply charging cables and charging docks to cleaning sticks to help keep your IQOS cigarette in top working condition to ensure that you always get the best experience. Then there is the IQOS 3 Folio, a carry case made from a hard wearing but attractive fabric perfectly proportioned to keep all of your IQOS essentials together on the move. The folio has space to nearly store your Duo holder and charging case and a supply of HEETS tobacco sticks.

And then of course there are the HEETS tobacco sticks themselves. Containing our colour coded range of  carefully blended range of tobaccos designed to deliver great tasting tobacco vapour every time you use your IQOS device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is IQOS better than smoking?

IQOS intended for united kingdom offers a healthier and more satisfying alternative to smoking. You deal with lesser smoke and odour.

Can I smoke IQOS indoors?

Yes! You can comfortably smoke your IQOS Cigarette indoors without the fear of damaging your furniture or clothes. The odour also dissipates fast.

Why are we the obvious choice to buy IQOS in the UK?

We offer high-quality IQOS Vape at affordable prices. So, you can count on us when you’re looking for unmatched value.