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Pukka Juice

Pukka Juice is a UK-native E-Liquid brand that is coming your way with a range of delicious flavourful vaping liquids These fabulous vaping juices have a selection of tropical fruit-style liquids including Exotic Mango, Pineapple Citrus blends, Lemon and Lime twists and more to delight the discerning vaper.

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Pukka Juice makes premium E-Liquid in fruity, refreshing, unique flavours. Since 2017 they have been creating authentic fruit blends that have won numerous awards, gained dedicated fans all over the world and held their place as some of the best all-day-vaping juices around. With the specially selected range of unique flavour blends and popular e-liquid types, we have the perfectly refreshing juice for every style of vaper.


Top 5 Flavours

  1. Blue Pear Ice: A Cool and Juicy Fruit Fusion That Reigns Supreme.
  2. Rainbow Blaze: A Fruity Explosion with a the taste of Blaze.
  3. Blackberry Lime: A Tangy Fusion of Juicy Blackberries and Zesty Limes.
  4. Lime Lemonade: A Zesty Citrus Fusion for a Refreshing Vape.
  5. Cherry Blaze: A Tempting Blend of Ripe Cherries with a Subtle Lemonade Undertone.