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World's Vaping Trends for 2022

World's Vaping Trends for 2022

World's Vaping Trends for 2022

Published on 2023-05-03 11:23:22 by Vape And Go

The vaping industry is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. The industry moves quickly to meet the trends and demands of vapers – both beginners and those committed to the cause. Manufacturers need to find the right balance between what the consumers want and adapt to meet the legal rules and regulations surrounding the vaping industry. Vaping has become insanely popular in the past few years as people are starting to move away from smoking. More and more people, companies and countries are recognising the potential value of vaping and they want to optimise the regulations that are currently in place to keep everyone happy.

We know we are halfway through the year, but we are going to be taking a look at some of the biggest trends of 2022 – and what our predictions will be for the rest of the year.

Disposable vape devices

One of the biggest current trends in 2022 for vaping is the rise of disposable vaping devices. With the likes of Elf Bar and Geek Bar, disposable devices have become one of the most purchased items of 2022 – and this looks to continue. Whilst research into vaping hasn’t been fully completed yet, Public Health England have announced that vaping is at 95% less harmful than cigarettes – and this has caused a surge in people switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping devices such as the Elf Bar disposable pen. Not only that, but technology advances have meant that disposable devices are now appealing to experienced vapers thanks to nicotine salts and powerful, long-lasting batteries. They are simple to use and so satisfying that many people are stocking up on their favourite flavours of disposables in case they run out! There are plenty of new devices being released almost daily, so we don’t see this trend slowing down any time soon.

More adventurous flavours

When it comes to e liquid flavours, you may think that the industry has exhausted every combination possible – but there are still more to come. There is enough choice out there to satisfy every taste bud going, but manufacturers want to up their game! We should start to see Elf Bar flavours offering more unusual combinations and increasing the amount of dessert and fruit flavours for those of you with a sweet tooth.

Stricter rules

It is no surprise that with something as popular as vaping, there is always going to be those who break the rules. Whether it is excitable teenagers no longer trying to buy cigarettes but vape devices instead, or those who are trying to counterfeit popular brands – we expect that rules and regulations to become even stricter. While this may seem like a negative point to make, the regulations are in place to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible, so it may not be a bad thing to see the law being tightened when it comes to vaping

Caffeine vaping?

At the moment, caffeinated vape liquids are banned in the UK. However, they are extremely popular in countries like America, and it is sending Britons crazy not knowing the feeling of vaping and getting your caffeine hit. With testing currently underway, and with sales soaring in the USA of caffeinated vape liquids, it may not be long until we will be able to get a caffeine and nicotine hit at the same time.

Making vape kits more compact and powerful

With the increase in popularity of the small disposable devices, manufacturers are no longer trying to create huge and bulky devices. Vaping devices are following the same trend as mobile phones and computers – it wasn’t too long ago that your computer or TV was huge, and now you have smaller, sleeker and more efficient devices. There will become a demand for smaller yet more powerful vape devices as time goes on, and the industry will follow suit. Why would you want to find space for your bulky device when you could get a smaller and better version?

true bars

Making vaping more sustainable and eco-friendly

Thanks to the rise of disposable vapes, there has also been a lot of talk and activity regarding the sustainability of vaping and its effect on the environment. People no longer want to throw devices or e liquid bottles into the landfills, they care about where their vaping products end up in order to protect the planet. Manufacturers recognise this and are making a conscious effort to help create eco-friendly products. Riot Squad Q Bar disposable vape is the first to make this big step, and they have created the first carbon-negative disposable vape. Their device is made from bioplastics (which is created from corn starch and is 75% less carbon intensive) and is fully recyclable! More and more manufacturers are looking at creating recyclable devices and packaging, which is all a positive step in helping to protect our planet. This is the evidence that suggests there will be even more sustainable vape products coming to the market in the near future.

Smart phone-controlled devices

Smart phones are able to control a huge number of things in modern day life – your heating, your washing machine and even your lighting, so why not your vape device? There are already a few on the market at the minute, and it only looks set to become more popular. You connect your vape device to your phone via Bluetooth and the right app, and you can operate your device or monitor the status of your vape! Imagine being able to change the wattage or check your coil without having to get your hands dirty? Smart phone-controlled devices will ensure easy monitoring and offer a huge convenience to many vapers, so keep your eyes peeled!

ICE flavours

Ice flavoured e liquids are on the rise, and they are perfect for those who crave a cool and refreshing flavour. Adding a chilling blast of menthol to your favourite flavour can only make it more interesting! The invigorating and cooling blend of ice and fruit is set to dominate the summer months and take the edge of any heatwave. Already a strong favourite, we can only see these flavours becoming more popular throughout 2022 thanks to the advance in e liquid blending and technology.

disposable vape uk

Online shopping

Shopping for your vaping items saw a huge surge in online sales during the pandemic and lockdown, and even in 2022 it doesn’t show signs of stopping. Many people are loving the ease and convenience of being able to have your vaping items and accessories delivered straight to your door. It also opened up a whole new world to seasoned vapers with even more kit, better flavours and amazing prices. Imagine being able to buy your Elf Bar UK online in every flavour imaginable? Your local store might only have a few to choose from, but shopping online means that you get to try more variety and create the best vaping experience possible.

If you are looking to try some of these 2022 vaping trends and stay ahead of the game then check out our huge range right here on Vape and Go! Not only do we have a wide variety for you to browse, but we also have some of the best deals and offers around.

Author: Salman Essap

Salman Essap is the founder and CEO of Vape and Go, a leading online retailer of high-quality vaping products and accessories. Alongside his crucial involvement in the company, he is passionate about vaping and is committed to helping others switch from harmful tobacco products to safer alternatives. Salman is an expert in the vaping industry and has extensive knowledge of the latest trends, technologies, and innovations.

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