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Vuse Go 700 Disposable Vape - Berry Watermelon | 20mg

By Vuse
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Product Highlights
  • Made in: China
  • Prominent Flavours: Mixed Berries, Watermelon
  • 700 puffs

Vuse Go 700 Disposable Vape Berry Watermelon | 10mg  combines an assortment of juicy-tasting mixed berries with the sweetness of exotic watermelons.

Discover the Vuse Go 700, one of the best disposable vapes on the market, designed to offer a cigarette-like experience in a small, straightforward package. Ready to use right out of the box, each device is pre-filled with 2ml of premium e-liquid and equipped with a pre-charged battery, ensuring up to 700 puffs of satisfaction. The Vuse Go 700 sets itself apart with its button-free, inhale-activated design, allowing for ease of use and a seamless transition for smokers looking to switch to vaping.

Adjusting to your vaping preferences is a breeze thanks to the innovative slide bar at the base of the device, providing airflow control for a customized vaping experience and the ability to lock the device to conserve battery life.

Vuse Go 700 Disposable Vape Features

  • 2ml E-Liquid Capacity: Pre-filled with 2ml of high-quality e-liquid, the Vuse Go 700 is designed for convenience and enjoyment, making it one of the best disposable vapes for those on the go.
  • Nicotine Salt Formulation: Featuring nicotine salts in 6mg, 10mg, and 20mg strengths for a smoother throat hit and rapid craving satisfaction, ideal for ex-smokers and those new to vaping.
  • Up To 700 Puffs: Reliable and satisfying, the Vuse Go 700 offers up to 700 puffs, making it a top pick among the best disposable vapes for lasting enjoyment.
  • Inhale Activation: With no buttons to press, the Vuse Go 700 is activated by a simple inhale, catering to users of all experience levels and emphasizing its status as one of the best disposable vapes for ease of use.
  • Ergonomic Mouthpiece: The comfortable mouthpiece is designed for a natural fit, enhancing the overall vaping experience.
  • Airflow Control: Customizable airflow control supports a tailored vape, ranging from a tighter to a looser draw, perfect for MTL (Mouth To Lung) enthusiasts.

Thanks to its inhale activation and ergonomic mouthpiece, the Vuse Go 700 produces a discreet level of vapor, making it a fantastic choice for users seeking simplicity and satisfaction. This device, with its button-free design, stands out as one of the best disposable vapes for beginners and seasoned users alike.

The Vuse Go 700 range includes a variety of flavours, from fruity and soda to menthol and exotic, ensuring a delightful choice for every taste. Among these options is the Banana Ice Vuse Go 700 Disposable Vape, ready to deliver a refreshing and fruity vaping experience with a cool menthol twist.

For an effortless, enjoyable vaping journey tailored to your needs, the Vuse Go 700 is the best disposable vape choice, promising quality, convenience, and satisfaction.

FlavourBerry Watermelon
Nicotine Strength20mg
Made InChina
Battery TypeIntegrated
E-Liquid Capacity2ml
Nicotine Strength10mg
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