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Hayati® Miniature 600 Prefilled Pod (Pod Only)

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Hayati Miniature 600 Pre-filled Pods

Hayati Miniature 600 Pods are designed for use with Hayati® Miniature 600 Pod Kits. These pre-filled pods offer a convenient and satisfying vaping experience, making them perfect for vapers who crave variety and simplicity in their vape sessions. Experience a world of unique and tantalizing flavours with Hayati Miniature disposables.

Key Features

The Hayati disposable vape is designed with portability, sleek design, and convenience in mind. The device comes in 21 exciting flavours, from rich Forest Berries to sweet Gummy Bears, and from refreshing Kiwi and Lime to the rich Lost Cherry.

The Hayati Vape Kit comes in two key parts: The reusable battery kit, and the disposable pods to fit it with. It is a sustainable and reliable choice for heavy-vapers and hobbyists alike.

The battery is designed for repeat use, able to support several pods before the end of its lifespan. The pods come with a 2ML capacity with a range of flavours to suit any style and taste.

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Find your perfect Hayati 600 Flavour here:

Blue Raspberry – A new take on the classic flavour. A sweet and tangy flavour which mixes sweet blueberry with citrus.
Blueberry Cherry Cranberry – Blueberry, tart cherries, and tangy cranberries join forces to make a new taste sensation.
Double Apple – Combines the soft taste of red apples with the sharp flavour of green ones. Ideal for lovers of fruit-flavoured vapes.
Fizzy Lemon & Mint – Wake up your tastebuds with this refreshing blend of zesty lemon and cool mint.
Forest Berries – A juicy mix of berry flavours, including strawberry, blackberry and raspberry. Ideal for fans of sweeter vapes.
Fresh Cola – An iconic flavour, for good reason. A refreshing cola vape with a cool and fizzy finish.
Grape – Introduce yourself to this juicy and sweet grape flavour. A must-have for sweet tooths.
Gummy Bears – Revisit your childhood with this fun and fruity flavour experience.
Kiwi & Lime – Tangy and tropical, this flavour mixes the sweet taste of summer with the sharpness of lime.
Lemon Lime - A zesty and refreshing combination of tart lemon and tangy lime, perfect for vapers who love citrus sweets.
Lost Cherry – A bold and fruity cherry flavour, perfect for those who prefer a stronger, more intense taste.
Peach Ice – A summery peach vape, with a cool aftertaste to give you that extra throat-hit feel.
Pomegranate Grape – A delicious sensation of pomegranate and juicy grape flavours.
Raspberry  Lime – A tangy and sweet combination of rich raspberry and zesty lime.
Rose Lychee – A rich flavour, which combines sweet lychee with the unique taste of rose petals.
Strawberry & Banana – Indulge in this sweet blend of creamy banana and sweet strawberry.
Strawberry & Mint – The sweet taste of strawberry meets the cool finish of mint, a refreshing flavour perfect for lovers of strawberry chewing gum.
Strawberry Raspberry Ice – Two classic berry flavours, one sweet vaping experience. Summery strawberries and raspberries come together with a cool menthol-style finish.
Summer - Fruity and refreshing, combining all your favourite tastes of summer into one compact experience.
Tropical Mango – Experience a tropical paradise with this rich and sweet mango flavour.
Watermelon Ice – A great mix of sweet and juicy watermelon with cool tones.


How much does the Hayati Miniature disposable cost?
At Vape and Go, we take pride in offering competitive prices without the compromise in quality. We price the Hayati Miniature 600 Pod Kit at just £5.99, making it an affordable option for vapers who are looking for a compact, reliable, and long-lasting device. The refillable pods are priced at £2.99, making it easy and affordable to switch up your flavours.

Although the individual liquid pods are not refillable, the battery is designed for multiple uses. You won’t be restricted to one device or even one flavour. Simply switch the pods in your existing battery kit for a quick refill or a new taste on the go.

Hayati vapes bring sustainability to the fore. The pods are fully recyclable, so you won’t have to worry about them piling up in
landfill, and the materials used are responsibly-sourced and ethical. When you choose Hayati, you can enjoy your vaping experience
even more knowing that you are doing your part to protect the environment.

Is the Hayati disposable vape safe?

Hayati Miniature 600 vapes are fully TPD compliant. This means the product meets the standards outlined by the Tobacco Products Directive, the institution that oversees the safe manufacture of cigarettes, vapes, e-liquids and other tobacco products.
The business’ mission is to direct people away from the dangers of smoking, providing them instead with a satisfying, sleek and stylish device. You’ll find the Hayati miniature disposable to be a more secure and affordable way to vape.

How many puffs are available in the Hayati disposable vape?

For a consistent flavour experience, look no further than Hayati. 600 Puff vapes are rapidly growing in popularity. The products of vaping giants such as Elf Bars, the SKE Crystal and Lost Mary typically come with this number, and the Hayati pods are no different. Lovers of disposable vapes will know that there’s nothing more infuriating than enjoying your vape, only to see the dreaded flash at the bottom of your device, signalling the end of its life. With the Hayati Miniature 600, you can say goodbye to the days of waning batteries and vaping time cut short.

Do you have any other Hayati vapes?
There is only one type of Hayati vape available for sale in the UK, the Hayati Miniature 600. We sell both the vape kits and the disposable pods, with all 21 of their delicious flavours to choose from.

Hayati do have a larger product, the Hayati Infinity 6000, but due to UK laws and restrictions, the product is prohibited as the tank contains more than 2ml of e-liquid. With the Hayati Miniature 600, however, there is no need to worry as the pods come with a 2ml capacity, so they are easy to purchase and carry around.

Nicotine Strength20mg
FlavourBlue Raspberry,Blueberry Cherry Cranberry,Choose an option,Double Apple,Fizzy Lemon & Mint,Forest Berries,Fresh Cola,Grape,Gummy Bears,Kiwi & Lime,Lemon & Lime,Lost Cherry,Peach Ice,Pomegranate & Grape,Rapberry & Lime,Rose Lychee,Strawberry & Mint,Strawberry Banana,Strawberry Raspberry Ice,Summer,Tropical Mango,Watermelon Ice
Battery Capacity650mAh
Puff Count600
E-Liquid Capacity2ml
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