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Hayati® Miniature 600 Pod Kit

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Product Highlights

  • Capacity: 2ML
  • Nicotine Strength: 2%
  • Battery Capacity: 650mAh
  • Puffs: Up to 600


Hayati® Miniature 600 Pod Kit

Hayati Miniature 600 Pod Kit comes with a 650 mAh battery with 2% nicotine strength that lasts up to 600 puffs. These pod kits offer a range of unique and tantalizing flavours, making them perfect for those who crave variety and satisfaction in their vape sessions.

How is the Hayati Miniature 600 Pod Kit different from others?

The Hayati Miniature 600 Pod Kit stands out in several ways. It is compact and portable, easy to carry on the go and ideal for stealthy and subtle vaping.

However, it boasts a sleek and modern design. It comes with bright colouring and a glossy exterior to form a fashionable design. Its eye-catching appearance adds a touch of style and personality to the vaping experience, ideal for those who value both form and function.

What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in functionality. The kit has a powerful pure cobalt battery that will last for several uses. You won’t have to worry about the flavour outlasting the battery anymore. The battery will carry you through multiple pods before it needs to be replaced, which makes for an easier and more affordable experience than buying a brand new disposable every time.

Is this pod kit refillable?

Although the individual pods are not refillable, the device kit can be refilled by switching between pre-filled pods. When your current pod runs out, you can simply take a new one and fit it with the Hayati Battery. Disposable vapes can be expensive in the long run, as the cost of continually buying new vape pens can add up over time.

The Hayati 600 Pod Kit is also designed with eco-friendliness in mind. The pods are made of quality, ethical materials and they are fully recyclable, so you can vape in peace, without the image of your device and pods piling up in landfill.


What are the best flavours in it?

With Hayati, there are 21 exciting flavours to choose from. You can find classic flavours such as Blue Raspberry, Fresh Cola and Gummy Bears, but it doesn’t stop there. There are also exciting fresh combinations to choose from, including Pomegranate & Grape, Strawberry Raspberry Ice, and Rose Lychee.

Whether you love candy flavours, fruit, or cool mint finishes, the Hayati Vape has flavours to suit every taste, preference and style.

Is the Hayati Miniature 600 Pod Kit safe?

The Hayati Miniature 600 Pod Kit meets all of the standards outlined by the TPD, also known as the Tobacco Products Directive. This is the institution that ensures the safe production and sale of e-liquids, vaping products, cigarettes and other tobacco products.

The TPD standard is so well-respected that it is essentially the benchmark of trading quality and public health standards for vaping products in Europe. Retailers are not allowed to sell products that do not meet these requirements, and with the TPD’s seal of approval, you can be sure your product is all above board, and not as likely to cause you any potential harm.

Who is Hayati?

Hayati is a new offshoot of the PAX group. You may recognise their name from their co-branding project with the Crystal Pro Max. However, they are now entering the scene with their own ground-breaking product, the Hayati Miniature. It stands out from other pod kits in a number of ways. It is compact and aesthetically pleasing, with that iconic outer casing that users of the Crystal Pro Max know and love.

But it makes its own statement in functionality. With an exciting range of pre-filled pods to choose from, you won’t be restricted to certain flavours as you can be with other disposables. The Hayati Miniature could revolutionise disposable vaping, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Nicotine Strength20mg
FlavourBlue Raspberry,Blueberry Cherry Cranberry,Choose an option,Grape,Kiwi & Lime,Lemon & Lime,Peach ice,Rose Lychee,Strawberry Raspberry Ice,Summer
Battery Capacity650mAh
Puff Count600
E-Liquid Capacity2ml
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